Why I love black Friday.

I love black Friday. It shows a companies soul. Here are a few companies that opt out of black Friday and always make me feel warm and happy inside. 

Oliver Cabell Boxing Day

1. Everlane This year they are buying 8,000 employees in one of their female run factories in Vietnam motorcycle helmets, so they can get home safely everyday. 

"When we asked the factory what they needed, the answer was clear: A safe helmet for every employee."

2. Oliver Cabell This year...the just closed the "doors". 

"Because we want to celebrate intentional buying, and believe that fewer, better things lead to a fuller life, we decided to shut down the site for the day." 

3. REI This year, like every year, they went outside to play. 

"We’re starting a new Black Friday tradition. Our stores are closed. All 12,287 REI employees are outside enjoying a day off in the fresh air. Will you go out with us?"