Canfor Logo Colour Change:    


Project Information

Creative Direction and Project Lead: 
Heather Burton


Before Colour Change: PMS Warm Red 
After Colour Change: PMS 485 C

Canfor has a long standing brand association with the colour red, ironically until early 2012 when I undertook a logo colour change, the actual Pantone colour of the logo was a neon orangey salmon pink colour - PMS Warm Red. Warm Red was entirely impossible to replicate on in-office process colour digital printers, where the majority of the day to day printing at Canfor is done. This created a wide range of colour replication and a major problem of inconsistency with printed materials across our offices and operations. 

I chose PMS 485 as the new brand colour as it more accurately resembles a traditional shade of red,  one of colour options used in the Canadian flag, my selection gives a gentle nod to Canfor's Canadian roots as a company.  At its most simple justification 485 was also chosen for its ease of replication using process colour. 

The colour change resulted in an update to, all operational and office signage, stationery, and all other branded material. 

PMS Warm Red (left)  - PMS 485 (right)

PMS Warm Red (left)  - PMS 485 (right)